First Grade

Conservation Concepts

In this lesson, students will review where water is on the Earth and how it moves. Then they will get to sing and dance to a water cycle song and label the water cycle. They will learn why water is so precious, then, by creating a Conservation Wheel, they will see how they (and their families) can conserve this precious resource.

To complete the Zone 7 lesson be sure to do all of the following:

  1. Watch the Welcome Video to learn about where water is on the Earth.

  2. Time to get up and sing and dance (don't worry, we won't watch). Press play and learn about how water moves on the Earth in a fun interactive way!

  3. Click on the blue link called "Label the water cycle link" and make a copy. When you have moved the labels to the right spots, share it with your teacher.

  4. Print out the pages to make the Conservation Wheel. Click the link in the blue box named "Conservation Wheel link" and print it. There is no need to open or download it.

  5. Learn how to make the Conservation Wheel by either clicking on the blue box labeled "Conservation Wheel written instructions link" or...

  6. by watching the directions on the video on this page called "Conservation Wheel Video Directions." Or do both!

  7. Once you are ready to go with all the supplies you can make the wheel along with Max and Aubry by watching the final video on this page.

Bonus: Can't get enough of the water cycle? Go to the "Bonus Materials" section of this website for directions (and a work-along video) to make the Water Cycle Activity.

1. Welcome Video

Blast off with Ms. Riley to explore water on our planet.

2. Sing and Dance!

Stand up! Dance and sing along!

3. Label the Water Cycle

Click the above link and press "make a copy." Then drag the words to label the water cycle. When you're done, write your name with the title and share it with your teacher by clicking the "share" button on the right.

Hint: you might need to widen your viewing screen to see all the words.

4. Conservation Wheel Activity!

Click the button below to find the two page activity. (Do not print on both sides of the paper.) After you click it, print it. Then gather two colored crayons or pencils, a pair of scissors, and a brass fastener or piece of yarn or pipe cleaner. Once you have everything ready, go to step #5 for complete directions, and step #6 to watch the video, and make your conservation wheel.

5. Conservation Wheel Written Instructions

Click on the above link for written directions for the activity.

6. Conservation Wheel Video Directions

Watch this video for step by step instructions to assemble the Conservation Wheel

7. Work Along Video

Want someone to work with? Get you supplies ready and assemble the Conservation Wheel with Aubry and Max.

Great job completing the Zone 7 Lesson!

Don't forget to take a picture of your wheel to show your teacher. Did you share step 3 with your teacher?