Second Grade

Creek & Stream

In this lesson students will learn what a watershed is and get to know the Upper Alameda Creek Watershed by coloring all the water on the map. Then they can watch a video about what else besides water flows through a watershed. They finish the lesson with a quick quiz to show what they have learned!

To complete the Zone 7 lesson be sure to do the following:

  1. Print the Our Water Map, or open the map and use the Web Paint extension to color your map along with Mrs. Jones on the video (Step #2).

  2. Watch the video and color along during the video. Take a screen shot of your colored map or a picture of your (paper) map when you are done coloring along with the video and email it to your teacher.

  3. Watch the movie "All the Way to the Ocean" that is below.

  4. Fill out and submit the grade 2 worksheet. You can fill it out right on this web page. The results of your quiz will be turned in to your teacher by a teacher from Zone 7 Water Agency.

Your personal information is not taken except your first name.

Either print out the map and color along with a blue crayon or pencil, or use the Google extension Web Paint and color along online.

1. Our Water Map

Click on the link below and make a copy to work along with the presentation video.

2. Creek and Stream Presentation

Get your map and blue crayon or colored pencil ready to color-in the Upper Alameda Creek Watershed with Mrs. Jones! When you are done take a picture of your colored map and send it to your teacher!

3. All the Way to the Ocean

Watch the video to see the connection between a watershed and the ocean.

4. Test your knowledge

Fill out this form right here and press submit when you are done. The results will be sent to your classroom teacher by a Zone 7 teacher.

Great job completing the Zone 7 Lesson!

Make sure you shared the completed map with your teacher and submitted the form in step 4.